Wrx 4eat

Log in or Sign up. Likes Received: 25 Trophy Points: Well it is time to sell my WRX. This is the car that I bought from WRX1 something like 6 years ago. It has been an amazing car and I have had a lot of fun with it.

wrx 4eat

It now hasmiles on it with a few minor body flaws. Dont be afraid to throw me an offer. I am looking at buying a Forester would be open to trades if someone has a Forester that their mom doesn't want anymore! LOL Engine: Never had problems with shifts or over heating. Aftermarket transmission cooler not ran through the radiator Body and interior: Never been in a accident! Interior has been modified. Switches are in the side of the center console.

Wheels and tires: I have a set of RS 6 Spokes with good snow tires on them that I will be keeping on the car for sale. Here is the story, I work at a auto repair shop and I had a friends car 02 WRX as well parked on the street after it was repaired and some A-hole side swiped it when parking.

Me being the nice guy, offered to replace his bumper and fender with the ones from my car so that my shop did not have to take the heat from our insurance company. These are not rusted out like old, abused pile of crap cars but they are starting to show signs of rust.

The rear arches are starting to chip and where the fenders meet the bumper there is spots. Its been a pain in my ass for many years and I have a toggle switch mounted in on of the stock switch locations next to the cruise control and fog light switches for them. The coolant temp gauge that I have in the car greatly helps knowing when to turn them on in traffic or when idling for a long time which is just something I don't do. Otherwise I live in Duluth and can meet some one here. Last edited by a moderator: Jun 3, ChubbyRacingApr 26, All these pics are from last year before the bumper damage and before I swapped the trunks.

Sorry for old pics. I will update them later.There is a good pdf on this site here. I hope it helps. I'm not sure. But I know that when I had a question about this one time, I called the dealer and they were able to look it up for me. So maybe you could try that? I mean I would think it would be the same, but of course I don't know for sure. If all he needs is a matching rear diff, that's awesome! That just means lower gears for off road!! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Posted January 22, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted January 27, Another quick question Are the gear ratios the same for the Imp ATs up to 00 also?? Posted January 27, edited.

Posted January 28, Posted January 28, edited. Edited January 28, by njdrsubaru. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account?Updated: May The car is Midnight Black Pearl 08V on the exterior. The interior is black and blue in color and in good condition. The front and rear seats are in good condition, no ripping or tearing.

Clusters & Gauges

Both front seats sold. The car was hit lightly in the drivers side fender. Engine ran and drove good with no knock or smoke, once removed engine came back with good leakdown numbers on all cylinders.

Engine can be sold complete or as longblock. The automatic transmission is in good condition it shifted good through gears, all transmission and differential fluid was clean and clear when drained. All doors, hood, RH fender and front bumper have been sold.

The exhaust from the car is a stock midpipe to a aftermarket axleback exhaust that looks similar to the STI genome style. Front seats—SOLD. Trunk lid—SOLD. Rear bumper—SOLD. Front bumper—SOLD. Parts are pulled and the shell has gone to the scrapper. Let us know what parts you need. Just SOME of the parts available:.

Interior parts:. Electrical parts:. All Posts Subaru Parts Cars. Recent Posts See All.This simply means that your vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission with four gears. The gears for the 4EAT are as follows:. This AWD system adjusts power to wheels depending on driving conditions, making it more technically advanced than the AWD system used in manual-equipped vehicles.

Is it better or worse for performance? The second difference is the gearing. You need a high stall torque converter.

CKE Subaru 4EAT Anti-Wobble Insert

The use of this mod for owners whom do not consistently drag race is debatable. Some argue that it increases daily drivability; others argue that it does not. This will virtually eliminate turbo-lag and give much better low and mid-range power. You can also add engine management to take full advantage of your modifications to further increase responsiveness and decrease lag.

Although the idea of the best first mod is highly subjective, I, along with many others, feel that an aftermarket exhaust system is the best first modification for the money. This modification greatly decreases turbo-lag, causing the car to perform better in all circumstances. Both the VF 34 and 39 have decent spool-up, with good mid-range and top end. If you plan on doing short block upgrades and running higher than 18 psi, then we have found the GT30R to the our favorite.

Of course, you will also need the necessary supporting mods to run a new turbo. A great deal of research must be done if you decide that a new turbo upgrade is right for you. This is because the 4EAT holds its boost during shifts. I heard that the transmission in the Auto can hold more power than the transmission that is used in the manual. Is this true?

wrx 4eat

Yes, this is true up to a point. The general consensus is that the 4EAT is a stronger transmission than the 5MT and will last a very long time as long as it is properly maintained and the abuse is kept to the minimum.

wrx 4eat

This need increases if you plan on launching your vehicle or driving it hard on a consistent basis. C an I manually shift the transmission ala Manumatic? Although available as a true manumatic in Japan, the American version of the automatic WRX does not contain that feature.

You may manually select the gears, although there is little purpose as A manually shifting from a stop will not net you better acceleration and B it does put extra stress on your transmission. I manually shift the automatic from a stop frequently and through the gears without any issues. However, the manual functionality of the 4EAT can be useful for proper power delivery when cornering, it can also be used to place the car in a better gear when racing from a roll.

The automatic in the WRX is a lot different than any other automatic that I have driven. Lets review the different gear selections on the automatic gear shifter. The rules are completely different for modded or even lightly modded cars.

Please note that the transmission will not automatically upshift while in 1, so when you shift into the next gear, make sure to do so at least RPMs early because of the shifting delay. Please note that the transmission will not automatically upshift, so make sure to shift at least RPM early because of the shifting delay.

List of Subaru transmissions

Selecting 3 is ideal when you are driving in any situation where you will not be maintaining a constant speed while driving in the city, for example, or climbing a steep grade. By selecting 3, your car will also be much more willing to downshift into 2 when extra power is required, making 3 the Power Gear of the WRX.

wrx 4eat

Interestingly enough, there have been some reports of a. This is only ideal while maintaining a constant speed Highway, freeway driving.However, he is running a business and charges for his work.

It's high quality, so we feel it's well worth the Money. We've partnered up with a fan made Discord group to bring people closer together. Check it out if you love Discord. As such, we always like to have more participation from family members.

Having special days for the photos you really want to see helps with that. This does not mean you cannot post whatever random photo you would like on any given day. However, we encourage you to post your specific photo on a given day for maximum Karma exposure. But is it really worth my time to try and find a club? Honestly you'll get more flak about being a kid with a WRX than you will about it being an auto.

Your absolutely right, no one else's opinion matters. I think you'll find that most people will be welcoming, no matter the trans. There will always be haters and those "purists" who bash on autos, but at the end of the day, who cares?

And plus, you'll still get Subie waves from other drivers as you pass them- they won't know it's an auto. Haha outside a few overly hardcore WrxDouchers, i wouldn't be too concerned. You have a Subaru, and a sweet WRX wagon at that. Just be proud of what you have and show it off. I am tempted at first glance to disagree with you just because the possibility is there especially after the drive-line unveil with the ascent, but on further thought, the STi is kinda the race car, more boiled down variant of the WRX and as such should be a manual, so I do agree with this.

Honestly, I don't "hate" anyone for driving an automatic vehicle lol, it certainly doesn't have anything to do with the stigma, I doubt anyone would care in real life. People aren't generally that confrontational as making a mean comment online doesn't come with the weirdness and awkwardness of blowing someone off for something so absurd and pointless in the real world.

Basically, I don't care about auto vs manual. I would always go for a manual in a Subaru, as their autos in my opinion just aren't as much fun. But hey, you got a good deal, you can always swap it later :. So yeah good rant, but in conclusion I highly doubt anyone will give you grief IRL for the great "sin" of owning an auto.

Sure you might hear snarky comments here and there. Ignore them and do you. Not bashing autos, as people should drive what they enjoy and prefer without judgement.

But tbf the GTR's transmission is a dual clutch, which behaves much more like a manual transmission than a normal torque converter automatic. Again not trashing on autos, please no one take this as me being an asshole.

I'd say traditional automatic transmissions are pretty mature. I'm hoping the CVT they will be putting in the Ascent is more capable than their current offering You're young so I understand. But as you age you'll care less what others think. Once you get to a point of not caring what others think, life is so much more fun.It suffered one center differential failure input sun to epicyclic diff gearset failed and sheared, as did contact faces on the input side of the planets.

About 9 months later, the transmission started shifting poorly and flaring on cold fluid winter here in New Hampshire. Shavings were found, and the current best guest is that the oil pump in the transmission disintegrated. Now, tired of dealing with not being able to repair an automatic, I decided to replace it with a 5MT gearbox.

This would give me less driveline loss and better overall acceleration performance, and I was tired of being harangued for not knowing how to drive one. The auto tranny has its definite advantages — but it was time for me to move to something else. It had about k miles on it… but it was already out of the donor car and sitting in the garage of a friend, attached to the motor. I pulled it, deadlifted it into the back of the Audi, and brought it home. The front final drive was now dropping to a 3.

I decided to do the latter. I obtained a 3. Again, the price was right — it was free for the taking, since he needed to clean out his condo. Conditional on this was that I take the axles off his hands too — spares for the rally car!

We also rolled a 1. Clutch, flywheel, and pressure plate were out of a WRX with approximately 9k miles, and were nearly pristine. I got them for free from a little birdie at a local dealership, as they were removed from a vehicle under the clutch shudder TSB. I also received an STi short shift linkage without lever for free from another birdie at another local dealership.

Throwout bearing, vehicle speed sensor, some wiring harnesses, and other miscellaneous bits were ordered new from Exeter Subaru and Manchester Subaru. I also bought a lot of nuts and bolts. We removed the stock 4EAT and rear diff by following the instructions in the manuals, more or less.

We had hard copies of the factory transmission and wiring manuals, as well as the Haynes Legacy manual. The remainder of the important manuals chassis, primarily were electronically available on a laptop in the garage. The rear diff was re-geared, put back in with the new subframe bushings and locking kit, and the rear suspension was reassembled. While the 5MT was separated, we swapped out the stock Legacy linkage for the STi short-shift linkage.

Particularly, this involved removing a double spring pin that held the linkage joint to the main shift rod.Subaru motor vehicles have used manualconventional automaticand continuously variable CVT transmissions. Subaru manufactures its own manual and CVT transmissions for non- Kei cars. Since the s, all Subaru conventional automatic transmissions have been Jatco designs adapted to Subaru specifications.

All of Subaru's three speed automatic transmissions were made by Jatco. Subaru built their own four-speed automatic transmission based on the old Jatco design. It was available in FWD and Full-time awd.

Active Torque Split drives the front wheels directly and the rear wheels through a hydraulic clutch. The control unit monitors several factors including vehicle speed, gear position, and wheel speed and then varies the application of the clutch based on a model stored in memory.

The effect is a constantly and actively changing torque to the rear wheels anywhere from a few percent to fully locked. The control unit can and does alter torque several times per second. Vehicles with higher power engines use a more aggressive model resulting in generally higher rear engagement. Later attempts at reducing customer confusion resulted in torque split numbers being given, but these have no meaning as there is no mechanical or other device to provide a static starting point for the control unit.

This system is the more commonly used setup used on most Subaru products after its introduction on the XT6. VTD adds a twin planetary center differential to the clutch and therefore has a static, starting torque split calculated on the planetary gear ratio, with the most common being The active clutch operation is similar to the ACT system, although the clutch is used to suppress differential action instead of as the differential itself.

The bellhousing and input shaft were changed for the Subaru EJ enginethe first generation was used until aboutwhen a major redesign of the holding devices was released. The second generation saw use until Subaru developed a CVT for the Subaru Justy to gain reasonable acceleration and fuel economy from its small three cylinder engine. It employs a push-belt system and comes with an optional 4WD unit that engages the rear wheels when a button on the shifter is depressed.

It also has a 'sport mode' that when activated nearly doubles engine RPM for better torque distribution when towing or going uphill. In addition to improving the design of the transmission over the years, Subaru has supplied other companies with CVTs, as well.

It is a metal chain, pulley-based CVT, which is considered the most reliable, due to the simplicity of the pulley system and durability of the metal chain. In addition, the metal chain pulley system is generally quieter than other CVT designs. In the US, the Lineartronic is available with the 2. In SE Asia this transmission is also available for the 2. Subaru claims that the transmission provides "uninterrupted power that maximizes fuel efficiency while keeping the engine at the optimal rev range".

Lineartronic uses a specially modified torque converter to connect the engine to the transmission. It can slip like a traditional torque converter, but remains locked under all conditions except when coasting or traveling at very low speed. The persistent lockup condition under acceleration provides the efficiency and control of a clutch while still behaving much like a traditional planetary automatic transmission. The transmission can also be manually controlled by the driver by providing the ability to select 6 or 7 if paired with a Diesel engine [2] different "virtual" gears, where the transmission will hold a particular ratio.

This was the only five-speed 4WD transmission made for the Subaru Leone. In EU Leone turbo wagon. The Justy used a transaxle, rather than a conventional Subaru transmission. This transmission was dropped in when you could only get a 4WD unit.


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