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So that I would never live like that again. Dispatch interviewed Wonho, who was active as Monsta X, in February, when the investigation of marijuana accusation was in action. I was childish. I am trying to not live like that.

I only think about the other members, the group, our fans. The police is currently investigating it. When my innocence is proven, please write my story.

And I want to earn an apology. A rental apartment in Sanbon-dong, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do. A small living room and one room were all. There, he lived with his grandmother, father, mother and younger brother. My grandma had the room so my father, my mother, me and my brother had to sleep in the living room together.

And he was bullied. He was made miserable, repeatedly. Wonho was a timid child with a lot of fears.

monsta x tumblr

My friends hated me. My house was not peaceful, either. Because my parents often fought. So I spent more time outside, everyday. Then I met some unfamiliar hyungs on the neighbourhood, and I followed them around. Then after that, no one bullied him.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

In fact, he felt like he was the one who scared them. And he said he liked how his friends felt uncomfortable with him.

Unconsciously I flinched.Woke: Both are beautiful, working hard, and deserve some diddly darn support you cruel swine. So I have a lot of time on my hands. And this time I may try series Ooo! If you forgot who I write for, here are screenshot from my old post that mentions it! Originally posted by hyyunjinn.

monsta x tumblr

Originally posted by miniimini. ALSO: It can be any genre, even crack. I will work hard to be the comfort that can make you feel ease even for a bit when you have hard time, tired, and want to rest. Today we got a good news in Kpop: Wonho is back! Hope that you will like it! Originally posted by seonghhwa. You probably fell asleep there last night.

You sat up lazily and looked around you. The boys might be still sleeping. They talked for so long yesterday. You were too tired to participate though. You got up and walked to the bay window. You opened the shutters.

But you immediately get blinded by the sun coming through the large window. You opened and walked on the balcony. The weather was warm and nice. You leaned on the metal fence and stared at the street. Students were walking to go at school. The bakery in front was already open, you could smell the sweet scent of cakes and breads. Keep reading.Remember how they were spotted not too long ago having dinner?

After fans celebrated the legal victory for Wonho regarding past allegations last monththey can now cheer for the former Monsta X member as he moves forward with his K-pop career. On Thursday, April 9, Wonho and Korean record label Highline Entertainment announced that they had signed an exclusive contract for the year-old as a solo artist. While fans have waited for months for news about Wonho, they can now rest easy for the return of a star whose career was sidetracked by unproven rumors.

While negative allegations of any sorts tend to spell the demise of any K-pop career in the notoriously harsh industry, Wonho signing with a subsidiary of his label marks a major step towards not discarding artists whose character take a slight turn but instead seeing out the commitment towards one another til the end. No doubt these acts—along with online and street protests, and other projects for Wonho—helped the star get back on track and very possibly change the course of his future.

As well, being back in his label home allows Wonho to have similar staff who know his preferences and goals instead of restarting completely anew with a new company. Source: forbes. You see this man? He left his dream in order to keep his brothers safe. But he kept fighting. WE kept fighting. We never once left his side. Not then and not now. We brought him home. And we will support Monsta X with a happier heart now that this matter is resolved. I know I will support both on their new futures, will you?

He wants to continue to do what he loves. Monbebes were just joking about a Monsta X ft Wonho stage.

I sure hope we get this. Only a handful of people have managed to come back to the industry after being accused of a crime. Only a select handful and most of them are from big companies with bigger fandoms but he managed to do it. The man may look rash but he met with his group before all this, they were happy and we have pictures of that, pretty sure they knew before all this happened.

So yeah. Go on, process this news. Maybe be sad because he is technically not back in Monsta X. Your feelings are valid and can feel whatever you want to feel.Originally posted by madtwn.

Originally posted by kaimikachan. Originally posted by monstxtrash. Originally posted by minhyukt. Originally posted by verbalglitch. Originally posted by peacheseok.

Originally posted by narika-a. Here you go! Thank you so much for requesting and we hope you like it! Perfect shoes.

After prom plans. Your mom let me in. I need to stuff my face right now. One of your friends had a red carpet rolled out for her. Roses handed to her along the way. Big sign. Another friend had a song written and performed for her. You just stood by and watched with a small smile on your face. Keep up the good work buddy!

And you nearly crashed it! Come on please!You stand up, approaching him without him noticing as you spin him around.

monsta x tumblr

You cut him off by kissing him deeply, making him feel lost before you let him go. His expression is full of confusion, blank and just, nothing. You were about to reply him but he adds more of his reason. You hold his shoulder suddenly, as you plant a deep kiss on his lips.

His lips form a small smile, his hands bringing you closer. You face him as he is still talking, before you kiss him with your lips matches with his perfectly. His eyes widen, letting you kiss a little more as you slowly pull away. His mouth goes in a circular shape, his eyes wander around.

With a quick deep peck, you move away from him, expecting no sound from him. You grab his arm, making him stop but his lips were about to speak so you place your lips on it.

You kiss him softly, feeling his lips smiling. Your lips sneakily made its way on his lips, taking it by force to shut him up. His expression changes from shock to enjoyment, before you push him lightly. You roll your eyes, getting a little irritated. You grab his phone, making him shut up with your lips. Your lips move smoothly on his, as you feel his hand holding onto your arm.

REBLOG 3 years ago notes monsta x monsta x scenario monsta x reactions monstax request shownu wonho minhyuk hyungwon kihyun jooheon i.You snap for the first time. Other Sounds Than The Storm m. Hidden Surprise. Guardian Angel. One Rose A Day. Talking About Having A Baby.

Trying For A Baby. A week prior to your exam everything was fine and now your baby was gone. He simply stared at the screen, remembering where your baby was last week. He stared at the doctor and clenched his fists, trying to hold back from hitting the person in front of him. He looked at you and saw how miserable you looked. At this instant, the doctor took the opportunity to leave the room and Youngbin came to your side, excusing himself before comforting you with his words.

As soon as the doctor announced your miscarriage, Jaeyoon looked away from the doctor, sadness taking over his mind.

Jaeyoon looked at you from the corner of his eye and saw your lip shaking and he knew you were gonna break down in tears soon. So he asked the doctor to leave and when you two were alone he moved to sit beside you and he took you in his arms, kissing the top of your head gently to comfort you. If you could use one word to describe your boyfriend at this instant, you would use mad.

Mad against the doctors, mad against life. The day he learned your pregnancy it was the happiest day of his life and now all of that happiness was taken away from the both of you. He fell to his knees beside the bed and put his face on the mattress, sobbing loudly. He grabbed your hand and squeezed it tightly in his as it was his way to comfort you.

When you told him your stomach was aching, automatically he brought you to the hospital, not wanting to risk anything with your fragile pregnancy.

So when the doctor said they would do an ultrasound to verify is your baby was ok and that Seokwoo saw the empty screen, a tear fell down on his cheek. Your little bean was gone. It vanished almost as simple as it arrived. Seokwoo stared at you as he felt your hand let go of his and he was quick to take you in his arms, whispering in your ear that it would be ok.

Hearing your little sob made him come back to reality. He stared at you and wrapped his arms around you, letting you cry on his shoulder as he stayed silent, now praying that everything would get better with time. He knew it was selfish to leave you there alone but he needed to get out of there and be alone for a little while.

He cried for about ten minutes alone in a dark corner of the aisle and came back when he was calm enough to support you.

MONSTA X and Black Women...

Even if Chanhee was really young, he loved your child more than everything, so when the doctors announced that you miscarried his eyes filled with tears and Chanhee started screaming at the doctor, saying they should have noticed the problem sooner, that they were the reason why your baby died.

Then he looked at you and took you in his arms, apologizing for screaming like that, only then letting his tears fall on his cheeks.Originally posted by jonginsbias.


You were the daughter of one the leaders he came to make a deal with and immediately caught his attention. You had that aura of confidence and respect around you. When he saw you standing besides your father he stood up and said. Originally posted by kihqun. He met you when the gang kidnapped you to gather info. He gives you 2 options.

monsta x tumblr

Either stay with him or die. So you decide to stay and as crazy as it may sound it was one of the best decision in your life. Originally posted by jooheonbebe. He actually knew you from high school and promised not as much to you as to himself that one day he will definitely find you again and make you his. And so he did, a few years later, after making a title in the mafia world he waited for you outside your house.

Originally posted by wonhobe.

He met you in a coffee shop right outside his home. He used to spend his mornings there just thinking about ways to complete the mission when he also started noticing you. He was mesmerized by you and after a few months finally decided to gather his courage and talk to you. When he got you the guns you wanted he just casually asked.

Originally posted by wonhontology. He met you at the start of his career when after a deal gone bad he was left all beaten up in an alley. You were coming home from your night shift when you noticed him. You immediately came up to him and asked if he was okay, even though he was barely conscious he just laughed and said that he thought you were an angel as he never saw anything prettier than you. You wanted to take him to a hospital but he begged you not to call anyone and so you dragged him to your apartment and nursed him back to health.

Originally posted by trainingpanda. You were actually going to be his next victim. He was hired to kill you by another gang for unknown reasons, not that he asked, he was only here to get the job done and then take the money. This never happened before but he was starting to doubt if he should kill you.

After he released you out of his grasp he asked. Anyhow, I would love to write more kpop reactions, scenarios and stuff like that. I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female, so if you have any ideas feel free to request!!


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