Best new brazilian films

Brazil deserved international success in the world of cinema for a reason. The list of films in Brazil has not long been limited to a monotonous enumeration of endless TV series on love and hate, although they were once the hallmark of Brazilian films.

Today the sphere of cinema in Brazil is diverse with its genres, actors, and directors. And this is only the beginning. The cinematography of Brazil is one of the most promising in Latin America, which means that the audience is waiting for new masterpieces.

The drama of Brazilian filmmakers tells about the lives of people in urban slums for three decades of the last century. A city-holiday, the city-dream Rio De Janeiro, apart from incendiary dances and colorful costumes during the carnival, is also famous for its banditry, thriving in the poor neighborhoods of the city, and, more simply, in the slums.

So Rocket dreams of becoming a photographer, and Didier — a local gangster. In the 70s Didier was already fully involved in the criminal world, he had several murders on his account, and Rocket tries to live normally, but the truth behind him is a few minor offenses. In the 80s, Didier becomes the youngest gangster, at his age of 18 he trades in drugs and becomes the biggest merchant in Rio, while the Rocket has finally realized his dream by buying a camera.

The film shows the life of the poor people of the city, in which the racial and social difference is so huge that many have to take the path of crime. Watch this video on YouTube Blindness The actions of the dramatic thriller take place in an unknown country in an unknown metropolitan city, at an unknown time, similar to our days. As usual, every day millions of people hurry about their business, not thinking about how wonderful it is to be able to see the world around them.

But one-day strange things begin to happen to the inhabitants of the city, gradually many begin to lose their vision. Worried people turn to professional doctors, but they do not get help from them. Like a virus, blindness catches people in the car at speed, in the store, in the gymnasium and other habitats. Scientists and doctors cannot understand what is happening, and the city, meanwhile, turns into the chaos of angry and helpless blind people.

To protect the city and those few who have not yet lost vision, all those infected with blindness are placed in a special clinic for quarantine. Together with her blinded husband, there goes a wife, who will become a guide for these unfortunate people. Unfortunately, not all children have parents who will protect them from the dangers of this world.

Some have to survive alone since childhood. Instead of a carefree life full of fun and proper education, they are forced to wander in dumps and get their own food. They have become family, where everyone helps each other. But soon their daily life changed radically.Lavoura Arcaica aka To the Left of the Father The young man leads us through the labyrinth of his emotional memory, instigated to awaken from his existential coma by the unexpected visit of his older brother, who is determined to take him back to the bosom of the family.

He only begins to dress in dark tones when he returns home, accompanied by his brother, not being more psychologically immature. The speech of the father spectacular Raul Cortezwho celebrates patience as the greatest virtue of man, comes into direct conflict with the free and curious spirit of his son, who prefers to risk losing himself in the long road of self-discovery, living in fear of stepping outside the comfort of his home.

The orgasm that follows the mechanical act in the initial scene, analogously framed by the sound of a moving train, symbolizes the freedom acquired by the young man in that essentially embryonic room, where loneliness is an important act of learning. The cruel reality of the streets is evidenced by the director Hector Babenco, in his best work, addressing the loss of innocence in children exposed to a world of crime and prostitution.

Little Pixote is sent to a reformatory, but discovers that the system there is corrupt, and that perhaps he was safer away from the clutches of the law. The real life of Fernando Ramos da Silva, the young protagonist reflected the art, he was murdered by police officers seven years later, after returning to a life of crimes. Started inthis silent film directed by Humberto Mauro suffered considerable delays.

The producer Adhemar Gonzaga dreamed of filming the project in the Amazon, which ended up not happening, with problems of money. Still, the production symbolized a professional maturity of brazilian cinema, with internal scenes captured by four cameras, something usual in Hollywood at the time, but new to the Brazilian film industry. When it was released inalready inserted in a society dazzled by sound cinema, the project had to be adapted to the new demand, with the insertion of audio clips, dialogues, noises and songs.

The most beautiful thing to note is that, despite these changes, silence remains the most interesting and creative aspect of the final product. In its dynamic montage clearly inspired by the work of Eisenstein and Dziga Vertov, sexual intercourse is hinted at in a sequence that shows the workers working at the power plant, with the tools operating as phallic symbols. While waiting for the call to board his plane, a young man searches the newsstand for a magazine. Cortaz remains a force of nature, practicing the difficult art of making all the dialogues of the script sound like natural improvisations, always with a touch of irony.

He lives a man trapped in a worn relationship, who ends up finding the injection of courage in the risky love challenge he sees in a young woman he has met in public transport, a symbolic leitmotiv representing the unknown factor that hides in the various daily decision-making crossroads in the life of every individual.

Terra em Transe aka Entranced Earth Glauber Rocha said that he was trying to do something that merged the intellectual cinema that was made in Europe the rise of the Nouvelle Vaguewith Hollywood. Mixing John Ford and Eisenstein. The intellectual poet Paulo Jardel Filho shows himself as a large part of society, desperate to find a safe haven in the promises of some leader, some active voice in the crowd.

Its large stature and rocky complexion hide a frail and frightened soul. He embraces the reclusive conservative Diaz magnificent Paulo Autranwho was useful for a time in his social climbing, but whose varnish was peeling until displaying without modesty a sick megalomania, with a Caesar complex that makes him betray anyone. There is no way to grow roses in a bad land, you need to change the land.First, I had to decide which qualities were important when making the final choices of films to appear on the list.

I decided to use three main factors: success with the public, historical importance and my personal preferences for some films. Here are my choices for best Brazilian films of all time.

best new brazilian films

Criteria decided, now I had to think of how many films I was going to put on the list. It seemed impossible to think of only a top five list and a bit unfair to make a list of ten, so I decided that fifteen was a good enough number to include a range of some of the greatest Brazilian films of all times.

Apart from watching the films, it is necessary to go through the history of Brazilian cinema in order to understand the context in which the films were made. The Brazilian film industry has been historically dependent on government funding; hence why the relationship between film-makers and the government had to be reformed in the mid 90s through the Retomada.

After the success of the chanchadasa type of Hollywood inspired comedy that launched stars such as Carmen MirandaOscarito and Grande Otelo, it was only in the mid 50s and 60s that Brazilian cinema really started to make films that were typically Brazilian.

Despite the fact that most of them were low-budget productions and often conceptual, there were some remarkable films made in this period of history, in a movement known as Cinema Novo New Cinema. Highly influenced by the neo-realism of Italian cinema, directors such as Nelson Pereira dos Santos — considered the father of the movement — Glauber Rocha, Ruy Guerra and Caca Diegues started to produce more experimental films, getting away from the Hollywood formula.

The idea of making more commercial films, combined with the military dictatorship led the film-makers of Cinema Novo to create their own film distribution company Difilm in association with producer Luis Carlos Barreto.

Macunaimaa nationalist and metaphorical film by director Joaquim Pedro de Andrade, released inwas probably the biggest hit of Cinema Novo in terms of public attention. However, the films produced in this period were mainly pornochanchadasa type of porn-comedy that was commercially successful but lacked quality. Inthe new president Itamar Franco created new funding mechanisms for distributing incentives to film-making.

This episode was known as the Retomadaor the resumption of Brazilian cinema industry. The rebirth of Brazilian cinema started with Carlota Joaquinaconsidered the first official release after the Retomada. Not only have many Brazilian films experienced international success but also the Brazilian audience is increasingly more interested in national productions. The sequel Tropa de Elite 2 Elite Squad 2for example, reached the mark as the most watched film in Brazilian history.

Although these films might not have been watched by many people, most people that have watched them will understand their presence on the list.

Of course, if you feel that anything has been omitted please leave a comment.Not Rated min Action, Crime, Drama.

best new brazilian films

After a prison riot, former-Captain Nascimento, now a high ranking security officer in Rio de Janeiro, is swept into a bloody political dispute that involves government officials and paramilitary groups. Not Rated 99 min Drama, Horror, Mystery. Young housewife Helena is on the verge of fulfilling a dream as she prepares to open her own business: a neighborhood grocery store. She hires a maid, Paula, to take care of her house and Votes: Not Rated min Drama.

Clara, a 65 year old widow and retired music critic, was born into a wealthy and traditional family in Recife, Brazil. She is the last resident of the Aquarius, an original two-storey Based on a true story, "Bingo" is a film about the man behind the mask.

Augusto is an actor hungry for a place in the spotlight, following the footsteps of his mother, a stage artist in the Votes: 3, When Rosa's mother makes a surprising disclosure to her one day, Rosa decides to break out of her usual obligations. In so doing she discovers that life holds many surprises in store for her. Votes: 1, Maicom is responsible for Votes: 4, Benjamin decides to follow a different path and meets several people on the way.

The romance between a year-old soldier and the cultural ringleader of an anarchist cabaret. Unrated min Drama, Thriller. The lives of the residents of a Brazilian apartment building and the security guards who get the job guarding the surrounding streets. R min Biography, Drama, Sport.Brazilian movies and TV shows. The list contains the best, new and most relevant brazilian movies ordered by relevance.

Best films. Central Station The Second Mother New films. Serial Bad Weddings 2 The Mechanism List of brazilian movies. Samba in Mettmann Genre: Comedy. Country: Germany.

Brazilian movies with homosexual theme

Duration: 89 min. Story: Olaf is to take care of the family's cleaner's store, while his dad is away on a fair. In the evening he runs into three Brazilian ladies thrown out of a limousine not knowing where to go. Olaf invites them to stay with him and his deaf Style: humorous, feel good, light.

Latest Brazil Full Movie 2020- Crime / Thriller [Eng Sub]

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From feminist porn director Petra Joy, A Taste of Joy features a series of three vignettes that turn, in her words, "existing porn stereotypes upside down. The movie won The Feminist Porn Awards ' prize for "Most Arousing Adaptation," and was lauded for its "haunting, explicit sex scenes" and "emotionally rich performances.

Sexy researcher Carol Sharp comes to an ancient European castle to explore its history, one that turns out to be pretty darn erotic. There, she can't help but to explore her own desires as well. This skin flick takes a classic plot device of the genre—a woman recounting her past sexual encounters—and weaves in elements of Alfred Hitchcock's Psychojust for good measure.

An eccentric wealthy man dying of a mysterious illness.

Brazilian movies and TV shows

A young socialite. A plan for seduction. It's the kind of plot that's just out there enough to be kind of amazing. Considered by many porn aficionados to be one of the best adult films ever made, this ambitious undertaking was shot on 35mm film by pornographic actor-turned-director John Stagliano.

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best new brazilian films

The movie also features some of the best girl-on-girl scenes in recent years. The movie version was lauded within the adult film community, winning the AVN award for Best Polyamory film. Marriage 2. The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody is essentially what you think it is: a sexy version of everyone's favorite zombie show.

And it's actually really fun and amusing in a weird "o h, these zombies are having sex now" way. Also, please note that the tagline is: "A jizz shot was the only sure-fire way to return these undead creatures to the grave! The Good Girl is a short film by Erika Lust that flips the "delivery guy comes over with a pizza" trope seen in many cheesy porn films on its head, thanks to a female lens.Brazilian cinema is rich in themes, although many people think it is usually reduced to violence and poverty.

The truth is that many directors are unable to make their work commercially available, a few can manage to go through the funnel, going beyond film festivals. There is a mass of Brazilian intellectuals who despise the genre cinema, teachers of film schools stimulate in their students this wrong attitude. A new generation of critics, of which i am a part, is struggling daily to change this sad reality in the long run. Some of these movies that I selected are not even remembered by these veteran professionals, but they demonstrate the versatility, courage and good humor of these artists, usually working with very small budget.

Here are the 25 greatest brazilian films ranked from good to best. Noite Vazia aka Men and Women Walter Hugo Khouri, inspired by Antonioni and the young french filmmakers of the Nouvelle Vague, deals with the anguish of whom, in theory, would have no reason to suffer, the existential problems of the bourgeoisie.

The characters are hypocrites unable to exert the necessary effort to escape from inertia, their confinement in the apartment symbolizes their fear of facing the world. Based on a real case which took place on Rio de Janeiro, when a gang attacked and assaulted the pay train of Central Station. Roberto Farias manages to create a great heist movie with very little budget, pressing the finger on the wound of the prejudiced and racist society of the time. The brilliant cast, especially Eliezer Gomes, Grande Otelo and Reginaldo Faria, helps to raise even more the quality of the film.

Trapped and tortured, the brothers are forced to confess to a crime they did not commit. One of the most emblematic cases of judicial error in Brazil, and a true anti-torture libel.

The 25 Best Brazilian Movies of All Time

Fleeing from the dominant populist logic in the Cinema Novo, there is no heroism in poverty, there is no hope, only debauchery directed at everything and everyone. He fought to establish a self-sustaining film industry in the country. The first film exploded in the face of the spectator as a shotgun, the second is like a shot of dumdum bullets, the one that penetrates the body and causes greater damage.

I agree with you on that. I also think several films are missing from the list. Gostei muito da lista. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Noite Vazia aka Men and Women Walter Hugo Khouri, inspired by Antonioni and the young french filmmakers of the Nouvelle Vague, deals with the anguish of whom, in theory, would have no reason to suffer, the existential problems of the bourgeoisie.

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